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Unlock the Power of Math Manipulatives

Unlock the Power of Math Manipulatives

We are going to talk about how to unlock the power of math manipulatives and why they are for all students and there are just a few small changes that you can make to maximize your use of math manipulatives. We are going to start by looking at just a

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10 tips to only work contract hours

Only Work Contract Hours

Ever wanted to only work contract hours? As teachers, we spend so much of our nights and weekends, outside of contract hours, doing everything we can to give our students the learning experience they need and deserve. Step #1: Shift Your Mindset to Only Work Contract Hours Ways to Shift

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how to create integrated units

10 Steps to Create Engaging Integrated Units

When we create engaging integrated units we should focus on basic skills, content, and higher-level thinking. They provide a deeper understanding of content. Integrated units encourage active participation in relevant real-life activities. They provide connections between disciplines and accommodate a variety of learning styles and intelligence. Types of Engaging Integrated

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Effective Vocabulary Teaching Methods

Effective Vocabulary Teaching Method

When I first began teaching I didn’t have an effective vocabulary teaching strategy, so I combed through each book writing down every word I thought my students may need to practice. I used this extensive list and made flash cards, created practice pages, and invented games. My students were able

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