Meet Melissa

Hey there, teacher friend! I’m Melissa, the creator and heart behind That One Cheerful Classroom. My path in education has been one filled with discovery, challenges, and huge rewards. With years of experience teaching upper elementary grades, I’ve developed a deep understanding of what make a classroom not just functional, but truly inspirational.

My love for teaching stems from the belief that every child deserves a learning experience that’s enriching, engaging, and full of joy. My approach is rooted in teh idea that education should be a blend of creativity, practicality, and fun – a trifecta that I strive to embody in all my resources and teaching strategies.

Our Mission:

After years in the classroom, I realized that many educators, just like me, were searching for ways to invigorate their teaching without stretching themselves too thin. This led me to create That One Cheerful Classroom – a haven for teachers seeking resources that are not only effective and aligned with educational standards, but also infused with creativity and passion.

At That One Cheerful Classroom, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide resources that ease your workload while enriching your students’ learning experiences. We’re here to help you bring a spark of creativity and a wave of efficiency to your teaching.

Every resource, blog post, and interaction is an opportunity for us to make education a more cheerful and impactful journey. Whether you’re seeking fresh ideas for your classroom, support in your teaching endeavors, or a space to share your experiences, That One Cheerful Classroom is here for you.

More About Melissa...

I’m dedicated to supporting you with all of this and more! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Melissa, a passionate advocate for upper elementary students and their teachers. With almost a decade of teaching experience, mostly with 3rd – 5th grade students, I’ve had the privilege of working with big kids which are my favorite!

In 2020, while my son was in the NICU after being born 6 weeks early, I needed some way to be creative, prep for returning to school (even though I wasn’t sure I would really be ready), and have a sense of community outside of what became our hospital family. That’s when I started blogging and sharing my teaching resources on TeachersPayTeachers. It’s been a huge passion of mine since then, and I’m thrilled to go on this journey with you!

I’m a firm believer in the strength of community in the education space. By connecting, sharing experiences, and growing together, we can elevate the art of teaching. I invite you to join this journey, engage in our vibrant community, and share in the joy of shaping young minds.