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5 Steps for Teaching Grammar Skills Blog Post Header Image

5 Steps for Teaching Grammar Skills

Teaching grammar skills can seem daunting, but after many years of trial and error, I have perfected the steps of teaching grammar that will keep my students engaged and excited. Each day’s grammar lesson is 10-15 minutes at most and we focus on the same topic throughout the week to

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6 Steps for Teaching How to Solve Word Problems Blog Post Header Image

6 Steps for Teaching How to Solve Word Problems

Teaching how to solve word problems is a huge standard in upper elementary math classes. Students have to be able to read the words and figure out what they need to do in order to solve the problems. Sometimes the word problems are straightforward and other times, students really have

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8 Best Teacher Productivity Extensions

Teacher productivity extensions from Google can make your teacher job even better! An extension is just a small, but full program that can make Google even more useful. If you decide you want to get some, you’re just going to go to the Chrome Web Store. Once you get there,

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Multiplication and Division Game Blog Post Header

10 Best Multiplication and Division Games

Games are such an effective tool for practicing skills in the classroom. Students are so engaged when playing games and we remember more of what we learn when we are having fun.  I worked hard to incorporate games into my classroom on a very regular basis. My students played vocabulary

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10 Tips for Teaching Fractions

10 Tips for Teaching Fractions

Teaching fractions are very important, yet very poorly understood, even by many adults. If adults don’t understand them, that means our students are in worse shape. Fractions have been given a bad rap and are expected to be confusing and hard. For me, I love fractions and honestly could do

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The First Day Back After Winter Break Blog Post Header

6 Best Tips for The First Day Back After Winter Break

The first day back after winter break is not without its challenges. Most of your students probably experienced a lot less structure to their days, sleeping in, spending a lot of time with their families and friends, and having plenty of time to rest and play. Easing them back into

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Teacher Needs to Do Before Winter Break

3 Things Every Teacher Needs to do Before Winter Break

It’s almost winter break, if you are truly going to enjoy your time off, there are a few things every teacher needs to do before winter break! I know that you love your students, but you also love having some time off to rest and relax with your family, friends,

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Christmas Read Alouds for Upper Elementary

One of my favorite parts of teaching has always been when I read aloud to my students. It doesn’t matter what grade they are even though many have the “too cool for school” attitude, they still love to be read to on a regular basis. I have so many read

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10 Ways to Create a Safe Learning Environment Blog Post Header

10 Ways to Create a Safe Learning Environment

How can we create a safe learning environment for our students? How can we create spaces where our students feel understood and appreciated for who they are? I am going to be answering some of these questions, and highlight some of the ways I create a safe learning environment in

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Writing in Math Blog Post Header

5 Day Routine for Writing in Math

When I added writing in math to my routine, I am not going to lie, it was PAINFUL! My students would often just write one-word answers. And the ones who wrote a paragraph made NO sense. Reading them was my least favorite teacher task and always made me feel like

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Interactive Notebooks

14 Commonly Asked Questions About Interactive Notebooks

I LOVE interactive notebooks! They have been a regular part of my classroom routine and something that my students look forward to. That being said, I receive questions from other teachers nearly every day. This may be a long post, but I wanted to answer ALL of your questions in

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