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Teaching Decimal Place Value Blog Post Header Image

4 Essential Aspects of Teaching Decimal Place Value

Before we even start teaching decimal place value, we must explain to students that the decimal point is a tiny dot that plays a large role in decimal numbers. It acts as a separator between the whole number part and the fractional part of a decimal number. The position of

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How to Teach Place Value Blog Post Header Image

5 Best Ways How to Teach Place Value of Whole Numbers

This blog post will explore effective strategies and techniques to teach place value, ensuring a solid mathematical foundation for your students. From key concepts and vocabulary to engaging activities and real-world examples, we will actively guide you through imparting this fundamental mathematical concept. Discover how manipulatives like base ten blocks

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5 Tips for a Successful Classroom Library in Upper Elementary Blog Post Header Image

5 Tips for a Successful Classroom Library in Upper Elementary

In the realm of upper elementary classrooms, one essential ingredient for fostering a love of reading and nurturing young minds is a well-implemented classroom library. Step into this literary haven where books of all genres and colors beckon eager readers, stories inspire, and knowledge intertwines with adventure. This blog post

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4 Tips for Creating a Classroom Daily Schedule Blog Post Header Image

4 Tips for Creating a Classroom Daily Schedule

Flexibility and adaptability are vital when crafting a classroom daily schedule. Unexpected changes are inevitable, requiring us to be open to modifications and adjustments. A rigid schedule may not meet the needs of our students, so it’s important to embrace flexibility and create an environment conducive to effective teaching and

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Organizing Classroom Papers Blog Post Header Image

5 Best Strategies for Organizing Classroom Papers

Organizing classroom papers is key to maintaining a productive learning environment. From sorting and categorizing papers to establishing a filing system, implementing a daily routine, and effectively communicating with students, several strategies can help you stay organized. Troubleshooting common challenges, such as handling large volumes of paper, and incorporating efficient

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Teacher Collaboration Blog Post Header Image

3 Ways Teacher Collaboration is Essential

Teacher collaboration is a vital strategy for optimizing instructional practices and improving student outcomes. By leveraging the power of collaboration, teachers can pool their expertise, ideas, and strategies to create engaging and effective lessons. In this blog post, we will explore how teacher collaboration can be integrated into various aspects

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Student Data Binders Blog Post Header Image

The Significance of Student Data Binders: Setting Students Up for Success

Student data binders, also known as student data notebooks, are powerful tools designed to help teachers track and monitor student progress. These binders serve as a centralized location for collecting and organizing various types of data, including assessments, grades, and observations. By utilizing student data binders, teachers gain a comprehensive

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4 Must Have Routines for Teachers Blog Post Header

4 Must Have Routines for Teachers

Routines for teachers are not just about getting through the day, but about thriving in the classroom. From morning rituals that set the tone for success to evening rituals that promote relaxation and self-care, we as teachers need structured routines to navigate the demands of our profession. Whether you’re a

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7 Tips for Getting Ahead Lesson Planning Blog Post Header Image

7 Tips for Getting Ahead Lesson Planning

Are you ready for getting ahead lesson planning and take it to the next level? As an upper elementary teacher, it’s important to stay organized and ahead of the game. In this blog post, we’ll explore a series of strategic steps that will propel you toward effective and efficient lesson

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5 Activities for Last Day of School Blog Post Header

5 Activities for Last Day of School

Having special activities for last day of school celebration is important for several reasons. This will provide an opportunity to create positive and lasting memories for students as they wrap up the academic year. This can be especially important for students who may have faced challenges throughout the year, as

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Teaching the Order of Operations Blog Post Header

7 Best Tips for Teaching the Order of Operations

Teaching the order of operations is a fundamental skill that students must learn in mathematics. Without an understanding of the order of operations, students will struggle with more advanced concepts in mathematics when they move through the grades. Teaching the Order of Operations Rule (PEMDAS or GEMDAS) The order of

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