7 Best Books for Valentine’s Day Read Alouds in Upper Elementary

Valentine’s Day read alouds are the perfect way to celebrate love and/or friendship with your students especially during the month of February. Picture books not only spark imagination but also promote empathy, kindness, and understanding. In this blog post, we will explore ten of the best Valentine’s Day picture books for upper elementary students, perfect for read aloud sessions in the classroom.

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The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond

In this heartwarming tale, we meet an artistic young girl named Cornelia who discovers that one day, it starts raining hearts. As she collects the hearts, Cornelia uses her creativity to transform them into special Valentine’s Day cards for her animal friends. This book inspires upper elementary students to embrace their imaginations and create unique expressions of love.

Love Monster by Rachel Bright

“Love Monster” introduces readers to a unique and lovable character who struggles to fit in because of his unconventional appearance. This heartwarming book teaches upper elementary students about self-acceptance, kindness, and the importance of embracing differences in others.

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

“The Invisible Boy” tells the story of Brian, a boy who often goes unnoticed at school. Through this poignant narrative, upper elementary students learn about empathy, kindness, and the importance of including everyone. This book encourages children to show compassion and support their classmates who may feel left out.

Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie B. Friedman

Of all of the valentine’s day read alouds this is a little different than others. Join Ruby Valentine as she plans a special surprise for her town on Valentine’s Day. This heartwarming story emphasizes the themes of family, friendship, and compassion. “Love, Ruby Valentine” encourages upper elementary students to think beyond themselves and spread love in their communities.

The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll

In this charming book, two mice named Clayton and Desmond work together to create the biggest valentine ever seen. Through teamwork, friendship, and cooperation, this story teaches upper elementary students the power of joining forces and working towards a common goal. This whole series is one of my favorites, making it a perfect addition to valentine’s day read alouds.

Mr. Goat’s Valentine by Eve Bunting

Join Mr. Goat as he goes on a search for the perfect valentine for his first love. Through his journey, children learn about generosity, friendship, and forgiveness. “Mr. Goat’s Valentine” is a heartwarming story that teaches upper elementary students the importance of giving and showing appreciation.

Listening with My Heart by Gabi Garcia

In this heartfelt book, we join Esperanza as she learns the power of empathy and kindness. As she goes through her day, Esperanza realizes the importance of truly listening to others and being present in their lives. “Listening with My Heart” teaches upper elementary students the value of understanding and supporting one another, making it an excellent addition to Valentine’s Day read alouds in the classroom.

Valentine’s Day read alouds provide a wonderful opportunity to engage upper elementary students in meaningful discussions about love, friendship, and kindness. These seven picture books are sure to captivate their imaginations and leave a lasting impact on their hearts. Incorporating these stories into Valentine’s Day celebrations not only promotes empathy, compassion, and self-acceptance but also encourages students to express their love and appreciation in unique and thoughtful ways. So gather your students, find a cozy spot, and let the love-filled pages of these picture books inspire and uplift their hearts this Valentine’s Day.

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