6th Grade Grammar Lesson Plans Bundle Pre-Order



Make teaching writing and grammar easy with these engaging, 6th grade grammar lesson plans and activities! This curriculum includes a total of 30 lessons to help make teaching grammar in the context of writing so much easier. As a pre-order, you will be getting this at the lowest price it’ll ever be seen at.  When lessons are completed, they will be added to your downloads.

This 6th grade grammar lesson plans bundle will lead your students to explore the use of various grammar skills by exploring it with a mentor sentence, writing imitation sentences, and then looking at their own writing to determine where they can improve and where they’re doing well. Students will love having an example to look at and will improve their writing and grammar skills when they are put together instead of being taught in isolation.

Here’s what you’ll get in each set of weekly lesson plans:

  • Lesson Flowchart
  • 5 Days of Lesson Plans
  • 15 Instructional Slides for both PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • Differentiated Student Practice Activity
  • Guided Grammar Notes
  • Answer Keys
  • Imitation Sentences Practice Page
  • Revising and Editing Checklist
  • Assessment
  • Grading Rubric
  • Suggestions for Using the Rubric
  • Grammar Skill Recording Chart

Skills That Will Be Covered:

  • types of sentences
  • subjects and predicates
  • sentence combining
  • complex sentences
  • run on sentences and comma splices
  • kinds of nouns
  • singular and plural nouns
  • more plural nouns
  • possessive nouns
  • appositives
  • action verbs and objects
  • verb tenses
  • main and helping verbs
  • linking verbs
  • irregular verbs
  • pronouns and antecedents
  • kinds of pronouns
  • uses of possessive pronouns
  • pronoun-verb agreement
  • more pronouns
  • adjectives
  • articles and demonstrative adjectives
  • adjectives that compare
  • comparing with more and most
  • comparing with good and bad
  • adverbs
  • adverbs that compare
  • negatives
  • propositions
  • sentence combining

Your students will love the variety of activities and the real world situation of using grammar in context. You’ll stop hearing the dreaded question of, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”

All of the activities use materials readily available.

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages, gather the materials listed, display the presentation, and you’re ready for an engaging and easy class!


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6th Grade Grammar Lesson Plans Bundle

6th Grade Grammar Lesson Plans Bundle Pre-Order